Hosting visiting researchers/lecturers

Each laboratory member of IFRIS receives for variable periods renowned researchers / teachers, French or foreign, involved in the scientific and teaching activities of the host institution. By mobilizing the IFRIS network in the preparation of the visit, you will increase the scope through enhanced interactions with its members. IFRIS also finances stays of a few months, for outside scientists, in one of the laboratories members. These stays might include visits or collaboration with other laboratories members of IFRIS. A possible approach is the doctoral seminary organized around a professor invited for one month or more by one of the teams members of IFRIS. It includes a conference given by the guest on topics chosen in coordination with the organizers as well as the presentation of papers in English by PhDs. For the students interested, the seminary is extended by a tutorial appointment with the invited professor. To signal the hosting of a foreign guest in your laboratory, be supported in your actions, or request for funding, contact Marianne Noel ( Regarding the calls for applications, see rubric Calls for proposals.