Results of previous funding

Six postdoctoral fellowships were awarded in 2021 :

Renata Freitas Machado 

Laboratoire: PALOC

Projet: The mangrove: Multi-species Relationships Etnography (Matarandiba – Bahia)

Ian Gray 

Laboratoire: CAK

Projet: Climate-Proofing the Economy: How Central Bankers Incorporate Knowledge about Environmental Risks into the Financial System

Yves-Marie Rault Chodankar 

Laboratoire: CEPED

Projet: Similar old story? Genericizing biopharmaceuticals in technoscientific capitalism: the regulation and production of biosimilars

Martin Robert 

Laboratoire: CERMES3

Projet: How are Doctors Made ? Reassessing the Global Advent of the Medical Profession through the History of Empires

Alexandre Violle

Laboratoire: CEMS

Projet: Climatizing finance or financializing climate? The material politics of climate stress test in Europe

Monish Singh Khétrimayum 

Laboratoire: LISIS

Projet: Digital identity and the social lives of data: Mapping data politics, practices and debates in India



Four postdoctoral fellowships were awarded in 2020 :

Constantin Brissaud

Laboratory : IRISSO
Project: The social indicators movement at the OECD :  The rise and demise of a transnational regime of knowledge production on societies (1971-2018)

Laurène Le Cozanet

Laboratory: CEMS
Project: Please, draw me an interconnection! Governing (personal) data to ensure sovereignty in Europe 

Jessica Pourraz

Laboratory: CEPED
Project: Objectifying and governing helth effects of air pollution through standarts and technologies in unbreathable India

Tania Tartour

Laboratory: CERMES3
Project: An innovation with delayed effects? The organizational effects of a therapeutic innovation: low acting injectable antipsychotic in the care of psychosis


Five postdoctoral fellowships were awarded in 2019 :

Quentin Deforge

Laboratory : Centre Alexandre Koyré (CAK)
Project :  Governing governments. The rise of “quality of institutions” indicators in transnational anticorruption and development policies.

Koïchi Kameda

Laboratory : CEPED
Project : Innovation in the land of mosquitoes: reframing the South and North division in the development of diagnostics and vaccines for mosquito-borne diseases

Fabrizio Li Vigni 

Laboratory : LISIS
Project : Can civic tech help democracy to be democratized?

Clément Marquet

Laboratory : COSTECH
Project : Governing the Clouds, Attracting Data Centers. Sovereignty and Ecology in the Making of Data Territories

James Christopher Mizes 

Laboratory : IRISSO
Project :Continental Planning: Pan-Africanism and the Infrastructures of High Finance


Five postdoctoral fellowships were awarded in 2018:

Lorenzo Alunni
Laboratory: CERMES3
Project: “ Healthcare at the Border. Managing Camps and Informal Settlements for Refugees and Migrants in Europe. ”

Leny Patinaux
Laboratory: LATTS
Project: “ Optimization and Robustness: Two Antagonist Requirements for Industrial Practice? A Case Study on Modeling for Energy Supply ”

Céline Pessis
Laboratory: LISIS
Project: “ “Soil, Grass, Cancer”. Epistemic communities, health controversies, and practices in organic farming in post WW2 France ”

Benjamin Raimbault
Laboratory: CERMES3
Project: “ “Give me a factory and I will maintain the world”: A contemporary analysis of innovation in biotech from an industrial perspective: knowledge, technology, production, capital ”

Alexis Zimmer
Laboratory: Centre Alexandre Koyré (CAK)
Project: “ Tracking and Collecting Intestinal Flora. How microbes redefine bodies, health and their relations with environments. ”



Seven postdoctoral fellowships were awarded in 2017:

Marine Al Dahdah
Laboratory: CERMES3
Project: “ « Health by other means »: The digitalisation of welfare states, care practices and patients in the Global South. ”

Tiziana Beltrame
Laboratory: Centre Alexandre Koyré (CAK)
Project: “ Temporalities at work. Innovation and Care in Cultural Heritage Conservation ”

Sylvain Brunier
Laboratory: LISIS
Project: “ Governing agriculture from the sky. How remote sensing reshaped the Common Agricultural Policy since 1992 ”

Baptiste Kotras
Laboratory: LISIS
Project: “ Data, All Data, Nothing but Data. Taming Consumer Digital Traces and Building New Regimes of Market Quantification ”

Germain Meulemans
Laboratory: Centre Alexandre Koyré (CAK)
Project: “ Urban pedogeneses: the emergence of soil construction as mode of research, reclaiming practice, and commodification. ”

Adeline Néron
Laboratory: CEPED
Project: “ United Colours of Bioethics. Strategies and Circulations in the Implementation of Bioethics in Sub-Saharan Africa ”

Cecilia Rikap
Laboratory: CEPED
Project: “ Opening the black box of polarization processes in the global south: the cases of the University of Buenos Aires and the National University of Singapore. ”



Six postdoctoral fellowships were awarded in 2016:

Guillaume Blanc
Laboratory: Centre Alexandre Koyré (CAK)
Project: “ Global Green Governmentality: understanding, assessing and directing Nature and citizens in Modern Ethiopia ”

Gemma Cirac Claveras
Laboratory: LATTS
Project: “ Sentinels of planet Earth. On the production, diffusion and utilisation of Earth observation satellite data, knowledge and information. ”

Lucie Dalibert
Laboratory: CERMES3
Project: “ Bodies with Technologies in Health and Place: Exploring How Monitoring Technologies Affect Healthy Embodiment ”

Olivia Fiorilli
Laboratory: CERMES3
Project: “ The (bio)politics of trans health : negotiating innovation in trans biomedicine and healthcare (France and Italy) ”

Helena Prado
Laboratory: CEPED
Project: “ The tip of the iceberg. Zika epidemic and microcephaly risk: Global health emergency VS biopolitics and social inequalities regarding perinatal care in Brazil ”

Luis Felipe Rosado Murillo
Laboratory: LISE
Project: “ Designing “Open Science Hardware”: from community spaces to open laboratories ”



Five postdoctoral fellowships were awarded in 2015:

Henri Boullier
Laboratory: CERMES3
Project: “ Trading Rats for Maths. How Regulatory Science Tackles Toxic Ignorance with Alternative Methods and Economic Analysis ”

Pierre-André Juven
Laboratory: CERMES3
Project: “ The Cost of Disease. Controversies in Counting for Governing Cancer in France and the United Kingdom ”

Nils Kessel
Laboratory: LISIS
Project: “ Quantifying The Use of Pharmaceuticals in Europe, 1964-1984. Risk Management, Health Insurance and Budget Reduction ”

Baptiste Monsaingeon
Laboratory: Centre Alexandre Koyré (CAK)
Project: “ “Waste matters”: synthetic polymers as disposable materials. A biography of high-density polyethylene bag. ”

Simeng Wang
Laboratory: CEPED
Project: “ Chinese migrants and their medicine in France (1976-2015) Circulation of knowledge as a source of innovation in a globalizad world ”



Five postdoctoral fellowships were awarded in 2014:

Sara Angeli Aguiton
Laboratory: Centre Alexandre Koyré (CAK)
Project: “ Disaster insurance and the political economy of climate change ”

Nicolas Baya-Laffite
Laboratory: INRA SenS
Project: “ Innovation in future-making for adaptation policy and practice across the global, national, and local scales. Framings, technoscience, institutions and policy instruments in an emerging field of governance ”

Roberto Cantoni
Laboratory: LATTS
Project: “ The material politics of the shale gas revolution: geopolitical and social repercussions on Europe’s environmental transition ”

Jérôme Greffion
Laboratory: CERMES3
Project: “ Regulations for the Pharmaceutical Market: Medical Expertise and Managerial Expertise in Drug-pricing Negotiations ”

Anthony Stavrianakis
Laboratory: CERMES3
Project: “ Norms, forms & configurations for assisted dying: Switzerland, 1975-today ”



Five postdoctoral fellowships were awarded in 2013:

Scarlett Salman
Laboratory: LATTS
Project: “ « New risks » in occupational health ? Thinking about « psychosocial risks » as a multifaceted sociotechnical innovation ”

Tatiana Kasperski
Laboratory: Centre Alexandre Koyré (CAK)
Project: “ Governance of Technological Risk in Post-Soviet Space : Forms of Public Participation in and Exclusion from Nuclear Technology Policy-making in Russia and Ukraine, 1986-2014 ”

Sébastien Broca
Laboratory: CEPN
Project: “ The commons : between a social movement and concrete utopia ”

Laura Silva Castaneda
Laboratory: INRA SenS
Project: “ Redistributing roles in global governance : the voluntary guidelines on the responsible governance of tenure of land, fisheries and forests ”

Lydie Cabane
Laboratory: CERMES3
Project: “ Inventing « Global Health » Science, knowledge and the global government of health ”



Four postdoctoral fellowships were awarded in 2012:

Quentin Ravelli
Laboratory: CERMES3
Project: “ Resistant bacteria: The emergence of a global knowledge regime ”

Sarah Benabou
Laboratory: Centre Alexandre Koyré (CAK)
Project: “ Banking Nature? Science and Politics of Biodiversity Offsets ”

Stefan Aykut
Laboratory: LATTS
Project: “ Opening up and closing down energy futures: energy scenarios between pathdependency and the sustainability challenge in France, Germany and the US ”

Matthieu Quet
Laboratory: IRD
Project: “ Controversies on counterfeiting and health in the global public space Anti-counterfeiting laws, access to drugs and transnational activism in India and Kenya ”



Five postdoctoral fellowships were awarded in 2011:

Claire Beaudevin
Laboratory: CERMES3
Project: “ New Genetics in Arabia : Public Health, Genomics & Genetic Medicine (Oman, United Arab Emirates) ”

Eric Deibel
Laboratory: CEPN
Project: “ Open source in the life sciences ”

Benjamin Lemoine
Laboratory: CSO
Project: “ Rating the State : Sovereign debt rating agencies amidst financial crisis ”

Johan Söderberg
Laboratory: LATTS
Project: “ A comparison between two cases of regulation of ”irresponsible” innovation: filesharing and legal highs ”

Mieke van Hemert
Laboratory: Centre Alexandre Koyré (CAK)
Project: “ Politics of scale and politics of ignorance in geo-engineering and its governance ”



Three postdoctoral fellowships were awarded in 2010:

David Demortain
Laboratory: INRA SenS
Project: “ The standard governance of risk? Understanding the cross-domain migration of risk analysis ”

Sarah Fernandez
Laboratory: Centre Alexandre Koyré (CAK)
Project: “ Mutual political construction of water scarcity and climate change, a study of indicators as mediators of power relations and governing instrument ”

Allison Loconto
Laboratory: INRA SenS
Project: “ Roundtables of Roundtables: Examining the construction of a sustainability landscape through the harmonization of social and environmental standards ”