IFRIS Training Program

Since its inception, IFRIS considers that educating young researchers to its research problems and training them to multidisciplinary approach are one of its priority strategic missions.

The Institute welcomes and trains each year many doctoral students and post-docs working on research projects related to the ‘Innovation, Science, Technology and Societies’ field. It pays special attention to exploratory and cross-cutting initiatives (involving a minimum of two research teams), considered as being conducive to the emergence of high-level scientific projects.

As of 2009, IFRIS has implemented a ‘Training’ group composed of Catherine Paradeise, Amy Dahan and Pascal Petit, in charge of defining the Institute training activities and coordinating their implementation.

Since September 2012, Ashveen Peerbaye, Christophe Bonneuil and David Flacher have taken it over.

IFRIS training program includes various teaching actions and supports to research, for university students and young researchers: