The end of French Mayors?

Paru en 2013 aux éditions Ashgate Publishing
Ouvrage par Borraz Olivier et Négrier Emmanuel

In recent years there has been increasing historical interest in various aspects of local urban politics, resulting in a much better understanding of the recruitment and socio-economic characteristics of municipal leadership and the exercise of power at a local level. However, much less is known about the offices and office-holders standing at the ceremonial, political and executive head of towns and cities. Through a comparative analysis of mayoralty from 1800 onwards, this volume explores the characteristics of the office in relation to such issues as, the constitutional position of mayors, their ceremonial and executive roles, their representational status in relation to local, regional and central authority, and the public visibility of the office, which has been used to highlight or blur issues of race, gender, politics or religion within a community.

In: Heads of the Local State : International Perspectives on Mayoralty by John Garrard, Chapter 5.

ISBN-10: 0754652629
ISBN-13: 9780754652625