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EU-SPRI/Utrecht University PhD summer school “Measuring and modeling dynamics in innovation systems”

The EU-SPRI/Utrecht University PhD summer school “Measuring and modeling dynamics in innovation systems” takes place in Utrecht from 17-21 August 2015.

After the success in 2013, a new edition of the course “Measuring and modeling dynamics in innovation system” will be organized in 2015.
This course is organized by the Innovation Studies Group of Utrecht University on behalf of the “European Forum for Studies of Policies for Research and Innovation” (Eu-SPRI Forum).

Course objectives :

After the course participants have accomplished the following objectives. They:

  • Become acquainted with the use of models in the social sciences.
  • Become acquainted with theories about dynamics in the innovation system as whole and dominant theories on its separate components.
  • Are able to apply these theories to explain specific innovation problems they encounter in their own research projects.
  • Have an overview of possibilities to test theories by measuring and modeling empirical data.
  • Are able to interpret the outcomes of these models in terms of theory and policy.

More concretely this means that after the course have learned a number of skills:

  • Students have a broad understanding of theories in different components of the innovation systems. This enables them to combine insights from different traditions into new research ideas. Further, being aware of different theories is helpful for future collaboration with other scientists.
  • Students are able to read, understand and critically assess scientific studies that are conducted in the field of innovation systems.
  • Students have a basic level of knowledge that allows them expand their knowledge on the topic by themselves or though other courses.

The duration of the course is five days. Participants receive a certificate after they actively participated in the course. There is a possibility to reward the course with credits (about 3 ECTS).


Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands

For more information and registrations at : Utrecht School web page


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