Call for post doctoral Research Grants 2022




Five (5) post-doctoral positions are available at the Institute for Research and Innovation in Society ( (appel en français)
This will be the last call of IFRIS postdoctoral program, since the project should end in 2024.

Useful dates

Online declaration of candidature opened:                      February 11th, 2022

Deadline for proposal reception on the web site :           March 4th, 2022

End of pre-selection phase:                                                  March 31th, 2022

Selection phase: international reviewing process during April, May and June and decision by the IFRIS Executive Committee early July 2022.

Decision transmission to candidate for a feedback: End of July 2022


Five (5) post-doctoral positions are available at the Institute for Research and Innovation in Society (

IFRIS welcomes science, technology and society scholars in all social science disciplines: history, sociology, political sciences, anthropology, economics, management sciences or law.

STS is understood in a broad sense of issues related to the production and use of science and technologies in societies. The post-doc candidates should propose original research projects on specific issues that relate to public health, biomedicine, agricultural sciences, food security, climate change, biodiversity, environmental questions, ICT, “big data” and internet, historical and social construction of technologies, risk and regulation, development and research policies, global distribution of knowledge, intellectual and property rights and global commons, circulation of knowledge, construction of public research policies, multilevel governance of science and technology, knowledge and local development, regimes of regulations and production of sciences and innovation in society.

See the list of projects funded by IFRIS to date for your information.

Selected candidates will be attached to one of the following IFRIS research units (name and acronym are followed by the scientific organisation to which the unit is attached). See the website links for more details on these units and, please, consult the postdoctoral fellowship vademecum.


Candidates do not need to have previous knowledge of these research groups.

Nonetheless, it is advised that candidates consult their websites, of make direct contact with the unit, so that they can best design and tailor their research project.

Contacts can also be made through the IFRIS Direction ( for further information about this call.


Selected candidates are eligible for a 24-month salary contract, under the French standard in relation to salary and work status. Contracts will have to start before end of December 2022.

Contracts will start as soon as possible after selection, according to candidates’ previous obligations and engagements. Selected candidates will have to start before January 31st, 2023 at the latest and might start from November 2022.

To be eligible, post-doc candidates should hold a Ph.D. or doctoral degree or should have already fulfilled all the obligations for obtaining their Ph.D. or doctoral degree before the end of 2022. For the French candidates, their PhD defense report is also required (“rapport de soutenance”) if available.

In case the candidate does not have their degree by the date of this submission, he/she should submit a reference letter from their doctoral supervisor certifying that he/she will hold his/her Ph.D. or doctoral degree before the end of 202. This letter is to be provided by July 5th, 2022.
If an applicant is selected but does not meet the December 31st, 2022 deadline to obtain his/her PhD, he/she will lose the benefit of his/her selection.

Eligibility to a «Postdoctoral Grant» under the French Law
Bear in mind that your post-doctoral contract must be concluded no later than three years after obtaining your PhD degree; It means between September and December 2019; since  the final selection will be announced in July 2022 and recruitment phase will start in September 2022 until December 2022. No postdoctoral grant contract will be established after December 2022. Please check carefully your eligibility.

 About Applications

Candidates have to fill out an online form on the IFRIS Website and upload their proposal, consisting of:

  • A cover letter written by the candidate to indicate the way she/he believes her/ his project contributes to IFRIS research agenda. The candidate should indicate her/his former relations to IFRIS research units, in case they exist. Candidates are not requested to indicate in which IFRIS research unit they would like to be hosted, but nevertheless can do so.
  • A two pages Curriculum Vitae. The CV should indicate diplomas, trajectory, places and institutions where the candidate has worked and studied. Previous post-docs should be indicated in case there has been any.
  • A research project (no more than 10 pages). The project should be written in English, including a plan of activities for the whole 24-month period and a tentative budget. The project should clearly state its objective, methodology, theoretical position, type and mode of collection of empirical material, research strategy and expected outcomes. It should also indicate the type of expected production out of this period of time (workshops, book, articles, or any other envisioned material). Original projects and theoretical breakthrough are particularly welcome.
  • A complete list of publications.


Evaluation of the research project 

  • Quality of the candidate’s academic and research trajectory.
  • Quality of the track record for experienced candidates. Young PhD researchers are welcome.
  • Scientific originality and methodological robustness and feasibility of the work plan.
  • Relevance in relation to IFRIS agenda and Strategic Research Orientations.

About salary

  • The IFRIS Postdoc’s net salary is indexed on French wages rate of Public Research Organization.
  • On average the net salary is around 2 000 euros per month (2465.68 €/month before social contribution), according to a range of 1800 to 2100 €/month.
  • The postdoc position allows rights to the French social security public service. Access to social security occurs on the first day of the post-doctoral contract,  with a rapid subscription. A complementary health insurance might also be contracted.
  • For visa issues, postdoc will get a specific hosting agreement (“convention d’accueil”) from a university services called ACCESS PARIS and would be helped by our administrative staff for that purpose.
  • It is to be noticed that no contract should start after 31/12/2022; candidates should bear in mind this important point.

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