Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Sciences Innovations Sociétés (LISIS)

The Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Sciences Innovations Sociétés (LISIS) is an interdisciplinary research laboratory in science and innovations in societies. It was established in January 2015 at Université Paris-Est, to amplify and strengthen the international research center for social sciences, which was firstly initiated in 2007 with the creation of IFRIS and has been financially supported by the funding program “Programme Investissement Avenir” (Labex SITES, rated A+ in 2011), by Ile-de-France region (major area of interest DIM-IS2-IT) and by the European Commission (including the Research Infrastructure Project – RISIS).

LISIS has been the result of the merger of the INRA SenS 1326 Unit and a team of LATTS laboratory. It brings together 35 researchers and professors and thirty PhD and postdoctoral fellows from three main interdisciplinary research disciplines: science and technology studies (STS), organization studies and digital studies.

LISIS’s activities are structured around four research axes:

• Axis 1 – Emergences and transitions
• Axis 2 – Socialisation and reappropriations of innovations
• Axis 3 – Evaluation and assessment of innovations
• Axis 4 – Analysis of digital traces of science in society

Home institutions: INRA, UPEM, CNRS, ESIEE, ENPC (Partnership)

Website:  umr-lisis.fr

Liste des membres : Thomas Jessica, Tancoigne Elise, Dedieu François, Vincent Spenlehauer, Evelyne Lhoste, Pellissier Fanny, Douglas Robinson, Angot Sylvère, Cardon Vincent, Stefan Cihan Aykut, Cauchard Lionel, Iran Veiga, Michel Revollo, Scarlett Salman, Silva-Castaneda Laura, Soulas Tupac, Vial Coutarel Lauriane, Demortain David, Benbouzid Bilel, Cerf Marianne, Cointet Jean-Philippe, Thanh Thao Pham, Delemarle Aurélie, Joly Pierre-Benoît, Duband Valerie, Breucker Philippe, Gerard Marie, Lagnau Axel, Levain Alix, Marou Sama Kadijatou, Antoine Mazieres, Oulion Marina, Benjamin Raimbault, Tari Thomas, Kahane Bernard, Philippe Laredo, Laurens Patricia, Lichtenberger Yves, Loconto Allison, Marris Claire, Meyer Morgan, Barbier Marc, Raphaël Stephens, Chuanhui Li Rita, Paradeise Catherine, Parasie Sylvain, Peerbaye Ashveen, Prost Lorene, Schoen Antoine, Selmi Adel, Steyaert Patrick, Turenne Nicolas, Villard Lionel, Weller Jean-Marc, Théves Jean, Toffolini Quentin, Sophie Duhamel, Orsal Guillaume, Stéphanie Barral, Chassagneux Edwige, De Quatrebarbes Constance, Oumohand Ouerdia, Alexandre Hannud Abdo, Rust Julie, Agblo Kevin, Valy Dorine, Lynda Silva, Beuscart Jean-Samuel