Pablo J. Boczkowski


Associate Professor

Institution de rattachement

Northwestern University

Invited from  May 31st to June 30th 2010 by Sylvain Parasie and Eric Dagiral of the University Paris-Est/LATTS.

Research theme Science and Technology Studies, Media/Communication Studies

For more information, see his website.


  • Boczkowski, P (2009). Rethinking hard and soft news production: From common ground to divergent paths. Journal of Communication, 59, 98-116.
  • Boczkowski, P. (2009). Technology, monitoring and imitation in contemporary news work. Communication, Culture & Critique, 2, 39-58.
  • Boczkowski, P., & de Santos, M. (2007). When more media equals less news: Patterns of content homogenization in Argentina’s leading print and online newspapers. Political Communication, 24, 167-190.
  • Mitchelstein, E., & Boczkowski, P. (in press). Between tradition and change: A review of recent research on online news production. Journalism: Theory, Practice & Criticism, 10 (5).