Raphaël Stephens


PhD candidate, 2014-2017

Institution de rattachement

Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Sciences Innovations Sociétés (LISIS)




Research interests :

  • Sustainable food systems
  • Sociotechnical regimes
  • Urban planning
  • Sharing economy


Raphaël’s research examines the conditions under which the relocalization of food chains might be facilitated, in the context of the Paris region. This questioning has led him to investigate the ways in which regional sociotechnical regimes and innovative niches interact and are embedded. He is particularly interested in organizational innovations in the agri-food sector, and community initiatives seeking to re-appropriate and modify economic and social interactions through de-intermediation processes. He also focusses on emerging territorial governance modalities in relation to the so-called “ecological transition” agenda for regional agro-food chains, in particular concerning urban and regional planning strategies.

Previously, he worked for several years in corporate banking in France and Mexico, working on public infrastructure and renewable energy projects, export financing, and for an NGO supporting the microfinance sector. He holds a bachelor’s degree in geography (University College London), a master’s degree in management and finance (Audencia Nantes Management School) and more recently a master’s degree in urban planning (Bartlett School of Planning, University College London), during which he wrote a dissertation on alternative food networks in the Paris region.