6th Nordic STS Conference 2023 : June 7, 2023 –June 9, 2023 University of Oslo

Conference theme

Climate change, pandemic outbreaks, war in Europe, terrorism in Nordic capitals and rising social inequalities: We live in times of disruption where crisis seems to become the new normal state. Indeed, disruption has itself been a longstanding concern within STS. How do STS empirics, methods and theories provide insights and tools for understanding not only the new and ongoing crises, but also their historical, technical and political continuities? And conversely, how can STS attention towards ordinary everyday practices to repair and maintenance, help us analyse and explain societal developments, past and present?

This conference invites scholars in and beyond Nordic STS to take part in this conversation and to engage with emerging and longstanding topics in the field. In this first physical Nordic meeting since 2019, we seek to create a collective arena for exploring and rethinking STS scholarship and its role in society. Our keynote sessions will address two core STS interests: (1) datafication and data politics in democracy and (2) valuing and capitalizing the future.