Continuous submission for exploratory projects proposals

In continuity with actions undertaken since its creation, IFRIS is launching a call for proposals made up of two branches:

1. The funding of research seminars and symposiums,

2. Support to exploratory projects (still emerging).

This call for project proposals will be ongoing. Eligible applications will be evaluated 3 times per year (15 February, 15 June, 15 October) by IFRIS executive committee, on the basis of criteria common to both branches:

  • The scientific quality of the project (originality of the proposal, scientific relevance, strategic relevance, etc.)
  • Structuring effects (to what extent does the project reinforce IFRIS internal links? Does it reinforce links between IFRIS and other research groups? Are young researchers mobilised? etc.)
  • What is the relevance of the proposal (compared to IFRIS Strategic Research Orientations)?
  • Is it an emerging project? (what are the expected outcomes? To what extent will the resources used contribute to the preparation of a new proposal? etc.)

Proposals must be sent to Marianne Noël on the standard form (Attachment 1).

All of IFRIS research themes (Attachment 2) are eligible. Projects corresponding to the Strategic Research Orientations will nevertheless be favoured.

Support for exploratory (emergent) projects

This branch aims to promote scientific cooperation between IFRIS teams, by offering support to exploratory cross-cutting research projects involving at least two teams. The goal is to contribute to the emergence of high-level scientific projects. Selected projects will have a maximum duration of 18 months.

Particular importance will be given to the project’s scientific quality, which may be evaluated by an external team. The project must clearly state the initiating function of the funding requested, by showing for example the necessity of exploratory research in order to prepare a competitive application to submit in response to a call for proposals (ANR, FP7, ERC, etc.).

In order to facilitate the examination of the project proposals by foreign evaluators, the application for support for exploratory projects must be written in English.

Financial support is limited to 30 000€ per project.

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  • Attachment 2 - IFRIS six main research themes
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