Continuous submission for funding of research seminars and symposiums

In continuity with actions undertaken since its creation, IFRIS is launching a call for proposals made up of two branches:

1. The funding of research seminars and symposiums,

2. Support to exploratory projects (still emerging).

This call for project proposals will be ongoing. Eligible applications will be evaluated 3 times per year (15 February, 15 June, 15 October) by IFRIS executive committee, on the basis of criteria common to both branches:

  • The scientific quality of the project (originality of the proposal, scientific relevance, strategic relevance, etc.)
  • Structuring effects (to what extent does the project reinforce IFRIS internal links? Does it reinforce links between IFRIS and other research groups? Are young researchers mobilised? etc.)
  • What is the relevance of the proposal (compared to IFRIS Strategic Research Orientations)?
  • Is it an emerging project? (what are the expected outcomes? To what extent will the resources used contribute to the preparation of a new proposal? etc.)

Proposals must be sent to Marianne Noël on the standard form (Attachment 1).

All of IFRIS research themes (Attachment 2) are eligible. Projects corresponding to the Strategic Research Orientations will nevertheless be favoured.

Funding of research seminars and symposiums

As with the previous calls for proposals, the idea is to support research seminars that enable us to review existing research at international level, to identify original research topics, and to offer means of support for future research. These seminar proposals must be put forward by at least two IFRIS teams affiliated with different laboratories, and should involve young researchers.

The seminars, stretching over a maximum of 18 months, can adopt whichever format seems most appropriate to the organisers, and participants from outside the IFRIS (French or foreign) is strongly encouraged.

The organization of symposiums can also receive backing. Priority will be given to support for symposiums on IFRIS SROs, and to those whose proceedings are to be published.

Financial support is limited to 15,000€ per seminar or symposium.

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