[Public Sénat] – Broadcast ” Un monde en docs ” with the participation of Marc Barbier ( Director IFRIS, DR INRAe)-” Agriculture 3.0 “

The LCP – Public Sénat channel broadcast the program “Un monde en docs” on Saturday, February 27, 2021.

“Agriculture 3.0” is about agriculture and digital technology: technology at the service of farmers?

Drone, milking robot, advanced cartography…: technological tools are increasingly present in agriculture. Valuable aids for some, they allow better organization of work and more efficient actions. Others, on the other hand, fear being too dependent on increasingly sophisticated machines.
How to find the right balance so as not to lose the link with the land and the animals? Don’t technological evolutions risk reinforcing a two-speed agricultural system? Jérôme Chapuis and his guests dissect the advantages and disadvantages of these technological developments.
With the participation of :
Marc Barbier
Agronomist and sociology researcher, Director of IFRIS, Director of Research at INRAE
Benoît Biteau
Member of the European Parliament (Green group)
Laurent Duplomb
Senator (LR) of the Haute-Loire
Véronique Bellon-Maurel
Director #DigitAg – Institute Convergences Agriculture Numérique
A must-see on Public Sénat in replay!