Du 06/11/2018 Au 09/11/2018

SISA 3 Conference – International workshop on System Innovation towards Sustainable Agriculture – RIGA (Latvia)

The aim of the third SISA workshop is to bring together research insights and practical experiences in making agriculture more sustainable. The workshop will discuss these in-depth, seeking to contribute to more robust knowledge on how to stimulate transitions towards sustainable agro-food systems.

The workshop will address a range of analytical methods, experiences and scientific insights of the main issues at stake in sustainability research and projects. Doing so, the meeting seeks to realize three main objectives, notably:

•  Compare and contrast the issues and analysis of multi-actor innovation process, R&D practices, governance and transformative policies in various European countries;

•  Provide input to rethinking government policies, socioprofessional strategies and civic concerns to contribute to sustainability transitions in the agro-food systems on the basis of existing research and experiences;

•  Define the content and the agenda of the on-going SISA open consortium for further research and mission-oriented policy


Organization committee:

Marc Barbier – INRA & IFRIS, France

Marianne Cerf – INRA SAD, IDEAS, France
Boelie Elzen – Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands

Talis Tisenkopfs – Baltic Studies Centre, Latvia