Margo Bernelin

Margo Bernelin


PhD candidate

Institution de rattachement

Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense


Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense

Ecole doctorale de Droit et Science Politique ( )

Centre d’Études Juridiques Européennes et Comparées (


Margo Bernelin holds a Master Degree in Law, a Master of Arts in Biotechnological Law and Ethics and is a PhD candidate in Law at the University Paris – Ouest. Her PhD research focuses on Courts and Regulatory Agencies’s normative role in Bioethics (a comparative analysis between France, the United Kingdom and the European Union). This project is supported by the  “Area of Major Interest on Innovation, Science and Technology in Society” Scholarship and is conducted in the European and Comparative Law Research Center (CEJEC). Member of the French Young Researchers Association of the Network “ Law, Science and Technique”, Margo Bernelin has been the 2014 convener of the Association’s annual conference (“The frontiers between Research and Treatment : Legal Diagnosis and Prognoses”). Margo Bernelin is also a teaching assistant in Law at the Universities Paris Ouest and Paris Panthéon- Sorbonne.

PhD project :

Judges and Health Agencies’ role in the framing of legitimacy within medical ethics,  under the supervision of Professor Florence BELLIVIER

Research Interests

–          Medical Law

–          Comparative Law

–          European Law

–          Biotechnological Law


« Regulation of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research, A comparative Analysis of French and British Law», Master Dissertation under the supervision of Professor TRAIN (Maxima Cum Laude), Université Paris Ouest (France 2011).

« Legal Challenges to Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research, The Role of the Courts in USA and in Europe», MA Dissertation under the supervision of Professor PLOMER (Magna Cum Laude), University of Sheffield, 2011.


« Des rapports entre droit et science – S. Jasanoff, Le droit et la science en action (textes réunis, traduits et présentés par O. Leclerc) – recension », International Journal for the Semiotics of Law , February 2014, DOI 10.1007/s11196-014-9375-8


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