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Centre de recherche médecine, sciences, santé, santé mentale, société (CERMES3)

Postdoctoral researcher, Paris Descartes University-CERMES3, associate researcher at the Centre Universitaire de Recherches Administratives et Politiques de Picardie (CURAPP)

Contact: tania.navarro-rodriguez@parisdescartes.fr


Tania Navarro Rodríguez is an economist and political scientist. She has worked in an international consulting group and for the Organization of American States (OAS) as a consultant before she became a research fellow in the social sciences.

Her research explores the different ways in which citizens participate -or not- in civic movements that produce contentious knowledge and how institutional actors -governments, political parties and scientific experts- react to those challenges.

Her thesis, defended in December 2012 at the Pantheon-Sorbonne University, dealt with moralization of electoral live in Mexico with a particular focus on the Civic Alliance’s role (1994-2012).

She has participated in a research project on NGOs supporting breastfeeding in France (INRA/RITME), coordinated by Marc-Olivier Déplaude. This project analyzed NGOs’ strategies since the 1970s to make breastfeeding an object of French public debate.

In 2016, Tania Navarro Rodríguez has joined CERMES3 as a postdoctoral researcher. She is working on the project “Mise en perspective des fondements opérationnels de la démonstration de sûreté de Cigéo”, supervised by Soraya Boudia. In this project, she continues her research on mobilizations with new fieldwork around the still unsolved question where and how radioactive waste can be kept safely. More specifically, she studies the safety controversy around geological disposal sites. Geological repositories are specific projects in which time is a very important aspect that influences knowledge production and the management of uncertainty since highly radioactive waste continues to be harmful for humans and environment during several thousands of years.


Civic Movements (electoral, alter-global, breastfeeding); Risks, Expertise and Public Action; Environmental Policy and Environmental Health Policy; Transportation of Hazardous Materials.

Recent Publications

(2017a) « Los usos estratégicos de la observación electoral. El caso de la Alianza Cívica en México (1994-2012) », Foro Internacional, vol. LVII, n° 3, p. 686-728.

(2017b) Déplaude Marc-Olivier et Navarro Rodríguez Tania, « Soutenir des mères des classes moyennes. Les groupes d’entraide à l’allaitement maternel en France », Sociologie, à paraître.

(2015) Bergamaschi Isaline, Navarro Rodríguez Tania et Nez Héloïse, « Latin Americans at the World Social Forum in Dakar: the relationship between the alter-global movement and the institutional sphere », in Johanna Siméant, Marie-Emmanuelle Pommerolle et Isabelle Sommier, Observing Protest from a Place.s The WSF in Dakar, 2015, Amsterdam University Press 2017a).