Du 02/09/2015 Au 04/09/2015

20th International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators

Research organizations under scrutiny. New indicators and analytical results.

S&T policy and scholarly questions. The conference will be supported by the EU?FP7 infrastructure initiative on Research Infrastructures for the Assessment of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (RISIS). The conference builds on an extensive concept of organizations, which includes research performing organizations (higher education institutions, public research organizations, private companies), as well as intermediaries with different functions in the research systems, like funding agencies and technology transfer offices.

Lieu: Lugano, Università della Svizzera italiana (www.usi.ch).

Contacts et informations:

Benedetto Lepori

Research group on performance and management of research and higher education institutions
Centre for Organizational Research, Faculty of Economics
Università della Svizzera italiana
Via Lambertenghi 10a
6904 Lugano, Suisse

Tél. : +41 58 666 46 14


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