Introduction générale: Au-delà du stress au travail : Une sociologie des agents publics au contact des usagers

Paru en 2013 aux éditions Eres
Ouvrage par Buscatto Marie et al.

If stress Sometimes Appears as a tote and overused concept, it remains a common way to describe the discomfort of workers, Including Those in relation to the public. It est aussi a concept increasingly Invested by a set of political, scientific and economic, holders of heterogeneous goals. What are the consequences of social thesis uses? How the resulting shape the discourse That stress is do they articulate the experiences in work, to the design of concrete activities?

In: Beyond the Workplace Stress: A Sociology of Public Officials in touch with users, Buscatto Marie, Marc Loriol, Jean-Marc Weller.

ISBN-10: 2749208491 ISBN-13: 978-2749208497

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