Call for Applications: CRE8TV.EU: PhD and Early Career Researcher Workshop Innovation, Creativity and Competitiveness

CRE8TV.EU: PhD and Early Career Researcher Workshop Innovation, Creativity and Competitiveness, 17-18 September 2015, Manchester, UK

Supported by the European Commission funded FP7 project: “unveiling creativity for innovation in Europe” (CRE8TV.EU), Manchester Business School is pleased to announce a two-day workshop for PhD students and early careers researchers.

The workshop aims at supporting attendees in:

• developing their research projects with a view to publication, especially in (innovation) journals;

• fostering knowledge exchange and networking among fellow researchers working on topics related to innovation and creativity;

• enhancing their ability to receive and deal with developmental feedback on their work along with reviewing and discussing the work of colleagues.

The majority of the time at this two day workshop will be spent discussing papers at an advanced stage of development. Each paper will be introduced by the author, and then discussed by one senior and one junior discussant. Senior discussants who have agreed to participate include:

• Beatrice D’Ippolito (University of York)

• Silvia Massini (The University of Manchester)

• Andrea Mina (University of Cambridge)

• Ammon Salter (University of Bath)

• Jonathan Sapsed (University of Brighton)

• Bruce Tether (The University of Manchester)

Local organisers:

Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, Manchester Business School.

Further information:

For further information about the CRE8TV.EU Conference for Early Career Researchers will be provided on the CRE8TV.EU website.


Call for Applications_CRE8TV.EU Early Careers Workshop_17-18Sep