International workshop on System Innovation towards Sustainable Agriculture SISA-3 – To be held in Riga (Latvia) 6-8 November 2018 at the Baltic Studies Centre

The aim of the third SISA workshop is to bring together research insights and practical experiences in making agriculture more sustainable. The workshop will discuss these in-depth, seeking to contribute to more robust knowledge on how to stimulate transitions towards sustainable agro-food systems.

The workshop will address a range of analytical methods, experiences and scientific insights of the main issues at stake in sustainability research and projects. Doing so, the meeting seeks to realize three main objectives, notably:

• Compare and contrast the issues and analysis of multi-actor innovation process, R&D practices, governance and transformative policies in various European countries;
• Provide input to rethinking government policies, socioprofessional strategies and civic concerns to contribute to sustainability transitions in the agro-food systems on the basis of existing research and experiences;
• Define the content and the agenda of the on-going SISA open consortium for further research and mission-oriented policy support.

Organization committee:
Marc Barbier – INRA & IFRIS, France
Marianne Cerf – INRA SAD, IDEAS, France
Boelie Elzen – Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands
Talis Tisenkopfs – Baltic Studies Centre, Latvia

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