[4S]-Calls for Submissions – Toronto and World-wide, October 6-9, 2021

Call for Papers, Closed Panels, Roundtables, Making and Doing Presentations, Film and New Media Screenings, and Meet Ups

Toronto and World-wide, October 6-9, 2021

Deadline: March 8th, 2021

There are many ways to participate in the 2021 4S Annual Meeting: presenting a paper, organizing or participating in a curated panel, serving as a discussant, presenting a Making and Doing session, screening your film or new media work, assembling a roundtable conversation, or organizing a more informal meetup around a particular theme or interest. We encourage people interested in presenting papers to submit to an appropriate open panel if possible. We are planning a hybrid conference with a prominent online component and will make decisions on the in-person component of the conference when we know more about what is possible.  We hope that 4S 2021 will have a lively participation across a range of online formats.

Society for Social Studies of Science