Summer School on Controversies and Conspiracies, FORCCAST Sept. 5-7, 2016

Summer School on Controversies and Conspiracies

FORCCAST Sept. 5-7, 2016

From September 5 to 7, the research and pedagogical programme FORCCAST will host its 2016 and third summer school in Paris (Sciences Po): Controversies and Conspiracies – Conceptual boundaries and empirical practices.

Conspiracy theories challenge an already problematic definition of sociotechnical controversies on three dimensions,?which will influence the programme of this summer school:

  • a shared focus on dissenting expertises, and a thorough study of technical and material evidences, therefore highlighting the need for a more accurate definition of sociotechnical controversies.
  • these forms of dispute are now identified as social and historicized ones, that belong to a common repertoire and can sometimes be mobilized as such. For example, some conspiracies strategically mimic controversies in order to spread ignorance.
  • an understanding through massively available digital footprints. By the use of the semantic field of “networks”, they support the existence of a new regime of knowledge production, and propose methods to deal with it.

This summer school aims to gather a group of scholars and teachers, and involve them in the collective production of concepts, research and pedagogical methods, around the following question: Is controversy mapping fit to tackle conspiracy theories, and how?

Speakers: Luc Boltanski, Bruno Latour, Kyle McGee…

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Deadline: May 22, 2016

The summer school will be limited to 25-30 participants. The language will be English. This event is free of charges (including lunches). Participants are expected to organize their own travel and accommodation.

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Controversies and Conspiracies – Call for Applications