Pierre André Juven

Pierre André Juven



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Pierre-André Juven is doctor in socio-economy of innovation of the École des Mines de Paris. He did his PhD under the direction of Vololona Rabeharisoa on the pricing payment system for French hospitals and has defended his PhD in October 2014. His currents researches are about process of capitalization and financiarization of health. He studies the tools for financing health public policies and questions the different forms of governmentality they imply focusing especially on public policy about the fight against cancer. He has been awarded a post-doctoral grant by the IFRIS and has started his researches in the CERMES3 in September 2015. His research program entitled “The Cost of Disease” aims to conduct an inquiry on cost accounting of cancer in France and the United-Kingdom and to look at the controversies that are produced by these calculations. By studying how different kinds of actors (health economists, public institutions, public agencies, pharmaceutical industries, cancer charities, cancer “ligue”, etc.) produce devices to calculate the “cost of disease”, his post-doctoral research seeks to understand the consequences of theses calculations on the “investment practices” in terms of fight against cancer. Otherwise he conducts a research program with Benjamin Lemoine on the failure regime of public structures.

Pierre-André Juven has been a teaching assistant at the École des Mines (sociology of controversies) at the Université Paris-Dauphine (political sciences), and at the Université d’Auvergne (political sciences). He is also member of the board of the Association Nationale des Candidats aux Métiers de la Science Politique (ANCMSP).

Subjects of research :

Public policy analysis; economic sociology ; hospital policies ; studies of public policies on cancer ; sociology of failure regime

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